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We are travel conscious

Our Mission

We love travelling. To us, travel isn’t just about going places, it’s also about meeting people, discovering cultures, eating new food and most of all, learning how people do things differently than we do back home.

We believe that through hostelling, we become more conscious about the world around us; and we can even make the world a better place. Our mission is to build a community of conscious travellers who share a greater understanding of people, places and cultures through our network of hostels and people, and curated experiences that foster collective growth and development.

Why CO?

CO stands for community. It’s every conversation we’ve ever shared, every couch we've been invited to sit on. It’s how we connect, how we coexist. It's everything we have in common and everything we don't. It's who we are.

Our Values

To us, being travel conscious means travelling with open-mindedness, togetherness and mindfulness at the forefront. We want to help shape a global movement of conscious travellers who strive to create a more peaceful, accepting world.


We welcome people and ideas from all places.

We believe everyone should be free to express their point of view.

We encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience and beliefs.


We believe experiences are better lived when shared with others in friendship and understanding.

We believe in collaboration and the power of the collective: all for one and one for all.


We’re on a mission to leave the world better than found.

We raise consciousness about a better way of travelling, to being thankful and respectful of the people and the places that make each moment unique and memorable.

"We strive to bring together peoples of the world, so that sharing a meal, or wandering along a trail, they may learn to appreciate each other's viewpoint and outlook, and realize that we are a world brotherhood. Our task is to promote world peace, not by treaty or statesmanship, but by creating in the hearts of the people of all lands a deep mutual understanding."

- Jack Catchpool, former Hostelling International president

HI Canada in the Community

Culinary Academy at HI Vancouver Jericho Beach

In partnership with the North Shore Culinary School, HI Vancouver Jericho Beach has opened an on-site restaurant, NSCS Discovery Cafe, that provides cooking training to youth and adults while serving up delicious meals. It's a win-win, supporting education in the community and serving up fresh, home-cooked, affordable meals for guests.

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Say HI for Peace Movement

Every year as part of the Say HI for Peace (formerly Sleep for Peace) campaign organized by Hostelling International during the International Day of Peace, HI Canada collects $1 per overnight stay on September 21st. Each year, the funds are awarded to a different association that makes the world a better and more peaceful place.

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Banff Elementary School Lunch Fundraiser

Every year since 1993, HI Banff Alpine Centre provides food and donations for the Banff Elementary School Lunch Fundraiser. Each year, the proceeds of the fundraiser are donated either to programs directly benefiting the students, or to local and meaningful organizations, such as funds helping local families in need during the holidays.

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Naxolone voluntary training for HI Whistler staff

Several HI Whistler staff members stepped up for guest and community safety by volunteering for naloxone training in February 2024. Naloxone is a life-saving medication that can reverse opioid overdoses. While this can be a challenging topic, HI Whistler recognizes the importance of destigmatizing addiction and equipping our frontline staff with potentially life-saving skills. This initiative demonstrates HI Whistler's commitment to guest and staff well-being as well as creating a safer community for all.

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HI Banff's Community Give Back Program

HI Banff is committed to help its community thrive by being of service to other local charitable organizations. Since 2022, HI Banff has been offering meeting spaces for free to all Banff not-for-profit organisations, as well as donating overnights as prizes or auction items for their fundraising efforts.

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Supporting local artists at HI Edmonton

HI Edmonton supports the emerging artists in its community by offering them meeting rooms and hostel spaces for free. The local arts scene has been benefiting from the program for over 7 years! Some artists and theatre groups that HI Edmonton had the pleasure to welcome include Leegion, Foote in the Door, and the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

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HI Canada is committed to accepting sustainability as our responsibility, considering the socio-cultural, ecological and economic impacts of our business decisions, and measuring and sharing our successes and failures as we go.

HI-Q, The Quality Management System

HI-Q, the HI Quality Management System, complements HI's assured standards, and focuses on hostel management and operations. It takes best practices from quality systems around the world and tailors them to the specific needs of hostels. HI-Q enables hostels to consistently improve and deliver high standards to ensure you have a great hostel experience. HI-Q is now being implemented in HI hostels around the world. Hostels that successfully complete the programme will be certified and able to display the distinctive HI-Q logo - look out for it in the HI hostels you visit.

Our Code of Conduct

To ensure a comfortable stay Guests are required to conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner at the Hostel and must not act in any way which may disturb other guests. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in Guests being asked to leave the Hostel in which event all Charges and Additional Charges shall become immediately payable by the Guest.