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Nothing beats heading out on an epic travel adventure with just a few of your belongings in a backpack and a bucket list of places to see and things to do. That's what drives Hostelling International and our 3.3 million members around the world (over 22,000 of them in Canada!). Be a part of this global community.

We're not going to tell you how to travel—we'll just help you save money along the way so you can travel more and longer. Whether you're travelling just for fun, volunteering or studying abroad, an HI membership gets you access to a community of likeminded adventure-seekers wherever you end up.

Travelling with an HI Membership means:

  • Saving a minimum of 10% at 3,300 hostels in 64 countries
  • Being part of a global community of travelers
  • Thousands of travel discounts in Canada and worldwide

Travel Far and Save Lots

You can start tapping into Hostelling International's huge network of discounts the moment you get your membership card and keep saving while you travel and long after you get back.

VIA Rail Canada

Get 12.5% off your train ticket for you and up to three friends

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Moose Travel Network

10% off your next adventure with Moose 

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Enterprise Rent a Car

Get 5% off with Enterprise on your next car rental 

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Travel Insurance Office Inc.

Get a 5% discount on your travel insurance package

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Alamo Car Rental

Get up to 25% on your next car rental in North America

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Different kinds of travellers have different kinds of needs. Choose the membership that makes the most sense for you. Each membership gets you the same perks.


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If your membership card recently expired or is about to, you don't need to interrupt the good times. For only $20 you can renew your card easily right here. This saves you $5 off buying a fresh new membership. Your new card will arrive in the mail so it's a good idea to renew before your current card actually expires.


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If you want to avoid the headache of expiration dates, you can upgrade your adult membership to a lifetime membership for only $140. This gets you $35 off the normal life membership rate. You'll never have to renew for the rest of your life.