How to hostel

Wilderness Edition

Times have changed a little bit, eh? We’ve made a lot of changes at our hostels to ensure our guests and staff are safe and comfortable. Hostelling may look and feel a little bit different than it used to, so here’s what you can expect when you stay with us for now. 



  • You’ll find clear signage and floor instructions around safe physical distancing measures. We ask that any individuals not travelling together maintain a two-metre distance from others, including staff, wherever possible, no matter where you are in the hostel.
  • We support the use of face masks where distancing isn’t possible. We have some available for free at the front desk.
  • Low- or no-touch payment options are available and encouraged.
  • All high-touch surfaces will be frequently disinfected, including payment terminals.
  • Late arrivals past 10 p.m. cannot be accommodated.
  • We’ll ask to collect or confirm your phone number and email address, to be used for contact tracing purposes if necessary. We also recommend using Alberta’s contact tracing app.
  • We will also ask you a few questions about symptoms and travel history. Guests experiencing Covid-19 symptoms will not be accommodated. We also cannot accommodate travellers subject to mandatory quarantine requirements or those who have arrived in Canada within the previous 14 days.

Your Dorm Room

Your Dorm Room

  • Capacity in our shared rooms has been reduced by half so there will only be one person in each bottom bunk, unless you’re travelling as a group and the only occupants in the room, in which case you can use all of the beds.
  • Please bring your own bedding (i.e. blanket, sheet, sleeping bag, pillow) and towels.
  • All guests must leave the hostel between 10 am and 5 pm every day.

Your Private Room

Your Private Room
(including private dorms)

  • Please bring your own bedding (i.e. blanket, sheet, sleeping bag, pillow) and towels.
  • There will be no housekeeping in private rooms during your stay. 
  • Each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests.
  • Single-use and decorative items have been removed from the room.
  • All guests must leave the hostel between 10 am and 5 pm every day.

Shared Bathrooms

Outhouses & Bathrooms

  • Disinfecting wipes or sprays are available in each shared bathroom for guests’ personal use. 
  • Please be mindful of other guests waiting to use the facilities.


The Kitchen

  • We’ve reduced the maximum occupancy of our kitchens to allow guests to maintain a safe distance from one another. Unfortunately, there may be times when not all guests are able to use the cooking facilities during their stay.
  • Face masks are required in the kitchen.
  • The cooking areas will be available for one member of each travelling group for breakfast and dinner. Please speak to the manager to sign up for a time slot to cook in the kitchen. 
  • Please follow the dishwashing and bleach sanitizing instructions posted near the sink for all dishes, drinkware, cutlery and cookware.
  • Where facilities allow, washed dishes will also be further sanitized using the hostel’s dishwasher.
  • Capacity in dining areas has been reduced to maintain distance between individuals or those travelling together. While only one member of a group can use the kitchen at one time, you can all eat together. 
  • If you need to get your food outside of your scheduled kitchen time, you can do so while maintaining your distance from others. Please don't use the cooking or food prep areas.

Around the hostel

Around the Hostel

  • All areas of the wilderness hostels are closed daily between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in key areas of our hostels.
  • You’ll find signage indicating our reduced maximum occupancy posted near all common areas. We encourage outdoor socializing!
  • Some furniture may have been moved or removed to facilitate physical distancing measures (which don’t apply to individuals travelling in a group).
  • Please be mindful of posted signage and staff instruction around the use of these spaces.
  • These spaces will be cleaned and disinfected frequently, with an emphasis on high-touch surfaces.
  • Hostel games, such as guitars and board games, aren’t available for now. Outdoor activities, like BBQs and campfires, will be available, provided proper distancing can be maintained.

Our Staff

Our Staff

  • We’re here for you! If ever you have any questions about how things work, we’re happy to help.
  • We’ve undergone additional training to ensure we’re able to enforce the measures laid out above.
  • We do a self-health assessment before each shift to ensure we’re symptom-free. 
  • We’ll wear masks, gloves and other PPE where necessary and appropriate.
  • We maintain our own physical distance from one another wherever possible.

For more information about our safety measures or to see our complete list of hostel openings, visit If you have any questions, please get in touch at [email protected] or contact the hostel of your choice directly.