Pacific Mountain Region

From the Pacific Ocean to the eastern edges of Manitoba

Hostelling International Canada - Pacific Mountain Region has 33 hostels in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon & Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Whether you're looking for an urban getaway, a peaceful retreat or an outdoor adventure, there's sure to be an HI hostel to suit your travel needs. 

HIC-PM Region has 20,000 members, many of whom remain actively involved in the association through volunteering and participating in hostel-based programs. We invite you to join in! There is no better way to meet travellers from around the world and share your knowledge about our beautiful region. 

Our Values

People As an open, collegial organization, everyone will be treated with consideration, respect, dignity, and fairness and will have opportunities to influence strategic direction and to participate in the governance process.

Community As good neighbours we will share with and contribute to our communities through learning, participation, volunteerism, and inclusion. 

Operational Excellence As a responsible and responsive organization, we will strive for operational excellence to ensure financial sustainability and growth. We will be leaders and innovators in the hostelling community committed to ?finding a better way.?

Service Philosophy Our success begins and ends with our guests and members. It is up to us to have an impact that enriches their traveling adventures.

Work Environment We provide an open and supportive work environment where honesty and constructive opinions are encouraged at all levels. We believe that empowering people leads to great things, including a work environment that people feel fortunate to be a part of.

Environment Our philosophy of being kind to the earth lives through our environmentally responsible operations and through our education of guests, members and staff.

Our Ends

Every day, HIC-PM Region welcomes guests from around Canada and the world at any one of our 33 properties in Western Canada.  In our ongoing efforts to keep the Barclay's legacy and dreams alive, HIC-PM Region has developed a set of Mega End and Sub Ends that both Board and Staff look to when making operational and development decisions. 

Mega End

A community of travellers, when experiencing people, places, and cultures in Western Canada, have as many genuine hostelling options as the organization can sustain.

Sub End 1.1
Members and Travellers can experience Pacific Mountain Region’s unique geographical and cultural landscapes through a network of strategically located hostels. It is further interpreted to include but not limited to:

1.1.1 Hostels are located to provide access to a spectrum of geographical and cultural landscapes in the Pacific Mountain Region.

1.1.2 HI Pacific Mountain Region owned hostels situated in all key urban and top international destinations in the Pacific Mountain Region.

1.1.3 The wilderness hostels maintain an annual occupancy rate of 65% at a net direct annual operating cost not exceeding, as a group, $50,000.

Sub End 1.2
Members and Travellers in the Pacific Mountain Region can participate, in a genuine hostelling experience characterized by:

1.2.1 A focus on affordability.

1.2.2 A welcoming environment for all.

1.2.3 An emphasis on enriching experiences to through a sense of community and a strong connection to surrounding culture and geography.

1.2.4 A focus on participation and volunteerism.

1.2.5 Responsible environmental stewardship.

1.2.6 The security of persons and possessions.

1.2.7  Consistent cleanliness.

Sub End 1.3

Members and Travellers in the Pacific Mountain Region can access a growing financially-viable network of hostels. It is further interpreted to include but not limited to:

1.3.1  A network of 45 owned and affiliate hostels.

1.3.2  A flagship hostel in Vancouver.

About the Board

Board Functions
The purpose of the Board of the Association, on behalf of the moral owners (members of Hostelling International), is to see to it that the organization achieves its Ends and operates within the boundaries established by the Board in the Executive Limitation Policies. 

Governing Style
The board will govern lawfully and with an emphasis on outward vision, strategic leadership, clear distinction of Board and CEO roles, and pro-activity rather than reactivity.

Board Job Description
The job of the Board is to represent the membership of HIC-PMR, in doing so, Directors of the Board must be aware that their responsibilities to the membership differ from those of management. In particular, the role of the Board is to be accountable to the members with regards to fiscal responsibility, maintenance and improvement of assets, and adherence and compliance to the mission statement.

The Board will concentrate on the following job products, or outputs:

  • The link between the organization and the Owners
  • Written governing policies which, at the broadest level, address Ends, Board Self Management (Governance Process), Board-Executive Relationship, and Executive Limitations
  • The assurance of Executive performance (monitoring)

Board Member's Code of Conduct 
Board members have a responsibility to each other, the membership, and to the employees of the organization.

Cost of Governance
The Board deems governance significant and will therefore invest to further the education and capacity of directors and staff.

Monitoring Board Performance
The Board will regularly monitor and discuss its own process and performance.

Monitoring Governance Process Policy Compliance
Monitoring compliance with governance policy is essential to ensure policy effectiveness, assess appropriateness, and help evaluate the quality and performance of directors and the Board as a whole.

National Association
The Board is responsible for the Association's participation, as the representative of its members, in the affairs of the National Association. On formal occasions, the Board must act through a national delegate who shall be a member of the Board.

Election/Voting Process The roles of the Board, CEO and Nominating Committee in these processes shall be those defined in the bylaws, job descriptions and terms of reference developed by the Board, and as assigned by the Board.

Policy Manual HIC-PM Board Policy Manual

Bylaws True North Bylaws

Contact Email the board at

Meet the Board
Board Meetings
Election Information
AGM & Member Socials

Meet the Board

The Board of Directors for Hostelling International Canada - Pacific Mountain Region is comprised of up to 8 members. Each year, as various seats become available, members are elected for a two-year term.

Betty LaFave, Chair

Betty has stayed in hostels all over the world but her favourite is HI-Nordegg, Shunda Creek Hostel in Alberta. She has been a CPA for over 30 years and has been the Board’s financial expert for the past four years. Betty lives in Edmonton and enjoys cycling, hiking, camping, backpacking, downhill and cross-country skiing.

Lenore Neudorf, 1st Vice Chair

Lenore is passionate about hostelling and the connections and fellowship it provides. As a senior executive and lawyer, she has brought extensive experience to Hostelling International for over 15 years, both regionally and nationally. In her free time, Lenore loves to visit with family and friends and pursue her interest in fibre arts.

Kit Keener, 2nd Vice Chair

Lee (Kit) has visited more than 40 countries including Russia, China, India and Egypt. Over the years, he has been a ski patroller, a sailor, a mountaineer, a cellist, a tae kwon do state champion, a hosteller (since 1968) and Professor Emeritus of mathematics at the University of Northern BC in Prince George, where he lives with his family.

Meghan Trepanier, Director

Raised in the Thompson-Okanagan, Meghan became involved with hostelling during family trips to the wilderness hostels in the Rocky Mountains. Over the years, she has continued travelling and hostelling across Canada and around the world. She knows the Pacific Mountain Region well, having been to all but one of its hostels.

Peter Nietresta, Director

Peter is passionate about the hostelling movement and HI's members. As an avid global hosteller, Peter is committed to enhancing opportunities for member engagement so that the Board can remain in tune with member expectations and improve the hostelling experience in Western Canada.

Thomas Heyd, Director

Thomas has been a hosteller and HI member since his youth. Volunteering as a director is a way for him to give back for all the hostelling experiences he's enjoyed over the years on frequent travels in Europe, the USA, Canada and beyond. He believes that the board's role is to help facilitate exchange and exploration through quality, affordable accommodation.

Curtis Hemming, Director

A member of Hostelling International since 1998, Curtis sees great value in the experiences HI provides to travellers across Canada and around the world.  For Curtis, hostelling is a great way to meet new people, develop relationships and see the world affordably.  Currently Director of Government Relations at the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce since 2011, he is responsible for all of their advocacy activities.   As well, he sits on three other Boards; Junior Achievement of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network, Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada.

Kevin Pals, Director

Growing up in Alberta, Kevin enjoyed all the outdoor activities offered in the Rocky Mountains.  He has also lived, worked and travelled to several countries and experienced first-hand the value that travel and hosteling brings to young people.  Eventually combining his passion for travel with a career in tourism and hospitality, Kevin currently works with a destination marketing organization in Vancouver, supporting strategic planning, community engagement, and destination development.  Having lived on in BC and Alberta, Kevin knows the Pacific Mountain Region well and is excited by the great experiences that HI Hostels in this region can offer any traveller.

Call for Nominations

We are seeking volunteers to stand for election to our Board of Directors

HIC-PMR is a not-for-profit association operating under the principles of policy governance. The Board provides direction and monitoring of operations through established reporting policies and goals. Currently our Board consists of a diverse range of people, from a variety of professions and age categories.

If you have hostelled recently, have up to minimum of 15 hours a month to commit to volunteer activity regarding Board and Association activities (email, teleconferenes, four full weekend board meetings and a board retreat), then we'd like to hear from you.

The nominations process will open May 17, 2018 and close June 15, 2018.  The 2018-19 Board of Directors online election will open July 27, 2018 and close at 12:00pm PDT on August 30, 2018, if an election is required.  Each eligible member will receive an email on July 27, 2018 with their personal ballot code and instructions to be used for online voting, if an election is required.  

A general email has gone out to all members with nomination info.  If you require further information, please email

AGM & Member Socials

Annual General Meeting
This years Annual General Meeting was held on September 20, 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta.  Thank you to all those who came out.  We look forward to welcoming our members at our next AGM in September 2019.  Details will be sent out in the spring of next year.

Member Socials 2018
This is a chance for members to mingle with some of your board of directors, fellow members and visit a local hostel.  Great to see those who came out for the Member Meet Up at Vancouver Downtown on May 25, 2018.  Details on any future meet ups will be posted here and sent out via email to our registered members.

For further information, please email

Development Projects

We at Hostelling International Canada - Pacific Mountain Region have always believed that our best days of hostelling are still ahead of us. Despite hostelling's humble beginnings, it has now grown to become a worldwide phenomenon that enriches the lives of people, both young and old.  

In this light, we are excited to share with you our current as well as our future hostel developments.

New hostel in Jasper

Construction will soon begin on a brand new hostel in Jasper, Alberta, scheduled to open in late spring 2019. The new HI Jasper will be on Sleepy Hollow Road, 7 km closer to town than the existing hostel on Whistlers Road. The three-storey hostel will sleep 157 in a mixture of shared, private and family rooms and will also have a café, a fireplace lounge, a full kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, a BBQ area, a firepit and more.

Site clearing and preparations will start in mid-March and sitework and foundations will begin in early June. The hostel will be built using modular construction: 66 individual modules will be pre-built off-site in a controlled environment and assembled on-site. The existing hostel will remain open until the new one is ready, and will then revert back to Parks Canada.