Marketing Resources

Your go-to for everything marketing-related

The marketing department offers several resources to build the awareness of our network from coast to coast. You will find on this page the various resources available to you. Don't hesitate to refer to it or get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments.


Brand Guidelines

Please read our brand guidelines before using the HI Canada logos or any of our brand elements in order to respect and strengthen our new brand image.

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Branding Kit

After reading the brand guidelines, please consult our branding kit. You'll find our logo in its various forms as well as our official font. If you have any questions regarding the usage of any of these elements, please contact us. 

See the branding kit

Posters and Signage

Marvia - Brand Template Manager

If you want to promote an activity, an event or a job offer, create a Facebook post, promote something on your TV slides or share some information with guests, please use one of the templates available in Marvia. 

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Marvia Tips & Guidelines

Promotional Objects

Order Form

Fill out this form to order HI Canada merch, brochures or stationery. Don't hesitate to place new orders whenever you're out of stock.

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Change Request Form

Please submit your change requests for hostel pages on using this form. The marketing department will make the necessary changes on the website afterwards.

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Partnership Request Form

Please send this form to all influencers who send you partnership requests. The marketing team will analyze the request and send you recommendations when returning the completed form.

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Social Media

Social Media Tips

In 2019, we ran a social media webinar in which we shared lots of useful tips about social media management, best practices and content ideas. 

View the PDF

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Staff Training

Brand Manifest for New Employees

The HI Canada brand manifest is a small booklet that is meant to be distributed to every staff when they join the team and which explains who we are, our mission, and our values. Please order more if you're out.

Download the brand manifest

This is how we CO Video

We strongly recommend that you show the following video to all new staff to introduce them to the network and our brand. The video is available on HI Canada's YouTube account

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