Share your HI moments and win!

We need your help!

Not only is Instagram an excellent way to make your friends super jealous about your adventures, it can totally inspire people to go explore the world (or just Canada). We're always looking for ways to showcase the best of Canada and HI Canada hostels through Instagram, and now we're looking for your help. 

Because our hostel staff live and breathe our hostels, and you know your destinations inside and out, we're looking at you to share images of hostel life wherever you are, which helps us, in turn, show off this impressive country and hostel network of ours. In exchange for participating (which is totally optional), you'll get the chance to win a HI prize basket, full of HI Canada swag and a $50 gift card of your choice. 


Got questions? Reach on on the Social Media channel on teams.

How does it work?

Whenever you're at work or enjoying the good life in and around your hostel, snap a photo, post it to Instagram and share it with us.

1. Use the #hicanadastaff hashtag in your caption or comments.

2. Geo-tag your hostel's location or wherever you are.

If your account is private, we won't be able to see your photos, but you can:

  • Follow @hicanadahostels and send us a direct message or an email at to let us know to follow you back (so we can see your stuff)
  • Or send us your contributions directly via email

Psssst... by participating, you're giving us permission to share your photos (with credit of course), on HI Canada's social media channels. If you'd rather we didn't give you credit on photos, but would still like to participate, just let us know and we'll keep the spotlight off you.

#hicanadastaff Contest Details

Every quarter, our covert crew of HI Canada Instagrammers will select the top staff photo and the winner will receive a $50 gift card of their choice and some HI Canada swag. Winners will be selected in September, December, March and June each year.

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What makes a good photo?

Ultimately, we're looking to promote our hostels and our destinations, but we've learned a few things about what our followers and guests love to see on Instagram. So to boost your chances of being featured, here are a few things that make for a great photo.

What about guests? They all have phones!
Yeah, do they ever. We're also running a hashtag campaign for our guests and members at the same time (though they're not eligible for the sweet staff prize baskets). Feel free to help us spread the word to guests that #hicanada is our hashtag, and we love seeing what they're up to (and will repost their images, with permission, when we're wowed by what we see).

  • People! We wanna see our hostel staff and guests living and loving life (just make sure you have everyone's permission before you post photos of them).
  • Our brand colours: we love to feature flashes of red and purple to tie our social feeds into our primary brand colours.
  • Come outta the shadows! Make 'em bright and colourful and show off your destination's finest features without too much shade.  
  • Capture moments that represent the best of backpacking in Canada and what HI Canada is all about—good times with good people and a sense of adventure and community among youth.
  • A good caption that explains where you are, what's happening in the photo and how you're feeling about it all.