Girl Guides Go Hostelling

Discover Hostelling

Participatory Challenge for Guides, Pathfinders and Senior Branches 
Come and spend the night at an HI Hostel in British Columbia or Alberta, Canada and discover a new way to travel!  Girl Guides can earn the Discover Hostelling crest by completing criteria that focus on trip planning, experiencing other cultures and learning about the benefits of travelling the world through fun and engaging activities. 

How do I earn a Discover Hostelling crest? 
Get connected to the world of travelling by completing at least one activity in each of the three different areas as specified in the curriculum.  Activities include hostel scavenger hunts, budget planning, meeting people from around the world, saying hello and goodbye in four different languages and many more.   

What other activities can you do while at HI? 
HI offers accommodation in some of the best locations across BC and Alberta. Why not take advantage of our discount partners and go kayaking, snowboarding and biking or start working towards another badge while you're staying with us. 

To find out more about HI Canada's Discover Hostelling Girl Guide Programs or any of the activities that can be done at our hostels, please contact:

British Columbia and Alberta Hostels
Email: [email protected]
Tel: l.403.762.4123 ext 25