5 things to do by moonlight in Mont Tremblant

March 06, 2018

In winter, everything moves a bit more slowly. The days are short and the nights seem to stretch endlessly. Travelling in winter is all about having fun sliding down the slopes, or exploring a quiet slice of wilderness. Travelling in winter is relaxing, but it’s certainly not boring! HI Mont Tremblant is an easy outdoor getaway from Montreal. And once the sun has gone down, the village takes on totally different feel. Here's your little guide to winter evenings in Mont Tremblant.

Get thee to the spa

Quebec’s version of getting tropical is, without a doubt, putting on a swimsuit and going for a soak—at -15 degrees, in the middle of a forest. That's what Scandinave Spa offers in its rustic riverside setting entirely focused on relaxation and reinvigoration—and they’re open til 9 p.m. every day. An outdoor bath under the stars and a good massage perfectly caps off a day of skiing or exploring, and you'll sleep like a baby. You can treat yourself to this heavenly relaxing experience at a low price thanks to the HI member discount!

Spa Scandinave

Walk on water

HI Mont Tremblant is right on the edge of a lake. And a lake in winter = a huge playground! There’s something magical and intoxicating about walking on a frozen lake. Is it because you can see so far? The sound of your footsteps crunching so crisply in the snow, or the deafening silence that sets in as soon as you stop moving, as if time were frozen, too? That eerie creak of squeaky ice? Whether you head out for a walk, a race with friends or a snowball battle, on a frozen lake it’s impossible not to discover your inner kid. Just double check with the hostel staff or manager that the ice is thick enough!

Ice Skating

Get lost in the forest

The P'tit train du Nord linear park is an old rail line converted into a summertime bike path and hiking trail and a wintertime cross-country ski trail. Stretching out 232 km, the trail runs along Lake Mercier and crosses the beautiful Laurentian region. You can get there from Place de la Gare, which is a 15-minute walk from HI Mont Tremblant. Why not treat yourself to a night ski in the Enchanted Forest? Don’t forget your headlamp, but when there’s a full moon, you may not even need it. Its reflection on the snow might just be enough to light your way. That's the magic of winter.

P'tit train du Nord

Use food as insulation

Nothing is more comforting after a cold day than a hearty meal of food soaked in melted cheese ... or adding melted cheese to basically everything you eat. Search the hostel’s kitchen and improvise a Swiss fondue or fire up a raclette! This is the best way to make new friends in the hostel. After all, winter is made for getting cozy! To cap off your evening, head out to the hostel’s campfire and roast marshmallows under the stars.


Take an astral trip

Before going to bed, put on your coat, your snowpants, and go lie down in a snow bank. Let yourself be covered by a blanket of thousands of stars that will make you feel very small. With a little luck, you could even see the Northern Lights! At the latitude of Tremblant, the Aurora Borealis can be seen from one to three nights per month, usually between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., the most active period being just before midnight. Keep an eye towards the Big Dipper located to the north, and don’t forget to share with us on Instagram!

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