Self-Isolation at HI Montreal

You're arriving into the country and need a place to self-isolate for 14 nights? You can stay at the hostel and we'll make your quarantine as smooth as possible. 

Given self-isolation is a public health requirement, we expect that guests who choose to self-isolate at the hostel respect rigorously the hostel's terms and conditions to guarantee the safety of everyone. 

While you must respect the Self-Isolation Terms and Conditions found below, we've put in place the following measures to ease your quarantine

  • Free breakfast delivery at room
  • Self-service kitchen and laundry available upon reservation 
  • Direct email communication with front desk

Recommended Room Type

Our private double room is the most appropriate room type for a comfortable quarantine. The room includes the following: 

- Double bed
- Ensuite bathroom
- TV with Chromecast
- Mini-fridge
- Window 

Self-Isolation Terms and Conditions

Per the Quarantine Act, you must stay in your room during 14 days. 

1. If you must leave your room in case of an emergency:

a) Avoid contact with other guests and employees.
b) Wear a mask and keep a 2 meters distance with others.

2. Visitors are not authorized.

3. You must have a cell phone to contact the front desk or to order food.

4. You must only use the bathroom in your room.

5. It is forbidden to smoke in the hostel.

6. Sleeping bags are forbidden. Linen is provided.

7. It is strictly forbidden to sell and/or consume drugs in the hostel and its grounds.

8. In order to respect all hostel guests, we ask for silence on the floors after 11 pm.

9. There will be no room service during your stay. We can provide the necessary material to clean up your room upon request.

10. Should you need to empty your garbage bin, put your garbage in a bag provided and call the front desk.

11. If you need new linen or towel, call the front desk.

12. You may have to leave if you present COVID-19 symptoms. We will follow sanitary authorities recommendations.

Booking Terms and Conditions

When booking a 14-night stay for self-isolation, the following terms apply: 

1. Your stay (deposit and payment) is non-refundable and non-transferrable
2. You must agree and sign the Self-Isolation Agreement upon arrival
3. The hostel reserves the right to put an end to the stay of guests who don't respect the self-isolation rules

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