Green efforts at HI Montréal

In line with HI Canada’s commitment to minimizing our impacts on the environment, HI Montréal is putting in place various sustainable initiatives towards a greener future.

Recently, the hostel signed up to Montréal's Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2020, a municipale initiative aimed at building a sustainable city. You'll find below some steps taken by the hostel to create a better world.

Alvéole Beehive

Alvéole strives to connect city dwellers to nature and highlight problematic issues related to industrial agriculture, such as pesticides, monocultures and loss of biodiversity. For them, honey is a delicious byproduct of their goals that allows them to provoke curiosity about urban ecology.

By hosting an Alvéole beehive at the hostel, HI Montréal contributes to pollination services that benefit flowers and food production in gardens across the city. The hive’s approximately 4,500 bees can travel sometimes up to 5 km from the hostel to collect nectar and pollen from trees, shrubs and garden flowers. Alvéole’s beekeepers then complete the harvest by extracting honey produced by bees all summer. The beekeepers also make regular visits to the hostel’s hive to ensure it’s properly maintained and the bees are healthy. 

HI Montréal guests will be able to enjoy the honey from the hive during the complimentary breakfast offered.

Responsible buying

In June 2019, HI Montréal adopted a responsible purchasing policy, with the purpose of buying less and better in all departments. These initiatives also include prioritizing local, natural and ethical products, as well as encourage social economy enterprises and emphasize the importance of recycling.

HI Montréal is also committed to purchasing goods and services from suppliers that respect fundamental labour standards and human rights. The hostel is also responsible of ensuring that every employee involved in the purchasing process has also integrated this policy in their work.

The hostel also encourages travellers to make more responsible purchases, and therefore sells products including reusable water bottles and bamboo toothbrushes, as well as serves fair trade coffee and local maple syrup at its free breakfast buffet.


In partnership with Compost Montréal, a local social enterprise, HI Montréal strives to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and produce useful organic waste.

By repurposing part of this waste to compost, the hostel not only contributes to reducing the emission of harmful gases, but also to enriching the soil and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers on farmlands.

In 2018 only, the hostel has composted 10,000 kg of organic waste.

Biodegradable cleaning products

With the purpose of reducing both water and air pollution, HI Montréal has reviewed the source of their cleaning products and is proud to say that they are now 95 per cent biodegradable.

These products include compostable garbage bags, phosphate-free soaps and recycled paper towels. All products come in recycled packaging or packaging made from recycled materials.