HI Canada National Office

To us, being travel conscious means travelling with open-mindedness, togetherness and mindfulness at the forefront. We want to help shape a global movement of conscious travellers who strive to create a more peaceful, tolerant world.


We welcome people and ideas from all places.

We believe everyone should be free to express their point of view.

We encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience and beliefs.


We believe experiences are better lived when shared with others in friendship and understanding.

We believe in collaboration and the power of the collective: all for one and one for all.


We’re on a mission to leave the world better than found.

We raise consciousness about a better way of travelling, to being thankful and respectful of the people and the places that make each moment unique and memorable.

Meet the Board

Per Unheim, Chair

Raised in Vancouver but based in his adopted home of Ottawa since 2005, Per has enjoyed contributing to the evolution of HI Canada and the strengthening of its national network in partnership with his regional, national and international counterparts since 2015. Professionally, Per works in development consulting, leading projects seeking to improve governance and boost inclusive growth in developing countries worldwide. 

Othello Tuason, 1st Vice Chair

Othello was raised in Western Canada, where his love of the outdoors and travel was shaped.  Trekking / backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and fly fishing are often ways he enjoys the endless sunny days of southern Alberta.  Othello has studied in the University of Calgary, for his Bachelors of Commerce, and Dalhousie University for his Masters of Business Administration, as well as the US and Mexico (on exchange).  He has worked in West Coast, Prairies, and Central Canada.  On the travel side, Othello has touched each province, and is planning to visit the three territories (fishing and hiking, maybe?).  Internationally, he’s seen North and Central America, Europe, and Pac-Asia.  So his combination of work, education, and travel across this country provides a unique Canadian perspective.  He lives in Calgary, with his wife and their two children, and is a Senior Vice President of KPMG’s Corporate Finance practice.

Catherine Roch Hansen, 2nd Vice Chair

Passionate about travelling, Catherine has stayed in numerous hostels around the world. She has experienced firsthand how hostels have the power to break down barriers and facilitate enriching cultural exchanges. Catherine lives in Montreal and in her spare time she loves to go rock climbing, camping, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Through her involvement in HI Canada, she hopes to encourage travellers, local and international, to discover Canada through a seamless and engaging hostelling experience.

James Wyatt, Secretary

James has enjoyed hostels for many years and strongly believes in the mission statement of Hostelling International. After 7 years of regional board service including service as Chair he is excited to now serve at the national level on the HI Canada Board. He is committed to strong governance that is reflective of its members and embraces the opportunity to assist the national board in fulfilling its various roles and responsibilities. While appreciative of the degree to which traveling and the subsequent socio-cultural experiences enrich people’s lives he is proud of the fact that hostelling is a wonderful opportunity to broadens one’s horizons and to ultimately galvanize the global citizen.