HI-Hilda Creek
Wilderness Hostel
Travel Destinations: Alberta

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HI-Hilda Creek
Highway 93
Banff National Park, Alberta

For Reservation:
1.866.762.4122 (Toll Free)
1.778.328.2215 (Central Reservations)

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  • HI-Hilda Creek Hostel Summer
    HI-Hilda Creek Hostel Summer
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Rustic isolation on the icefield parkway.

Near the summit of one of the highest mountain passes in Canada accessible by road you'll find the HI-Hilda Creek Wilderness Hostel.  Nestled amongst the stunted trees of the upper subalpine, this hostel is surrounded by mountain peaks, glaciers and icefields. The Icefields Centre, 7 km to the north is open throughout the summer but closed in the winter.

"Off-The-Grid" Experience Required.

No Staff, No Running Water, No Electricity, No Telecommunications. The HI-Hilda Creek Wilderness Hostel is only 6 beds and accessible by the Key Access System. Not for the faint of heart, hostelling here requires knowledge and application of backcountry hut procedures and ethics. To find out more about this system and what you need to be prepared, read our Key Access Information Summer or Winter.

Summer Brings Cyclists.

Cyclists weary from a long and difficult ascent up the road to 2000 metres elevation will find this hostel a welcome stop on their route - but if you are planning to visit, please plan in advance!

Reservations and Cancellations.

Winter is Key Access only, click here for information >>. A credit card is needed when making reservations. Due to the lack of direct/reliable communication with the hostel, the Central Reservation Office is not able to make same day arrival reservations. Book ahead to avoid any disappointment as this smaller hostel is very popular both in winter and summer. 48 hours is required when cancelling individual reservations, please contact Central Reservations for more information.