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Management Philosophy


The management of youth hostels and member services is undertaken in a market environment. It requires controlling operating costs and generating sufficient revenues. The equilibrium between costs and revenues should not be to the detriment of employees or customers (through high prices), which would compromise the accessibility of leisure tourism for those with less financial capacity. All services must be provided with high quality and take into account our educational mission. Relationships with our guests must be honest, flexible, and to their satisfaction.

As an organization ingrained in the social economy, Hostelling International - Canada - Québec and Ontario Region applies social economy principles and advocates strong social values link to its mission and goals.


Our Values

The greater social good guides our actions as well as our management style. It is as important to accomplish our mission of helping the young to gain a greater understanding of peoples, places and cultures through hostelling as it is to have sustainable finances.

Management autonomy allows us total freedom of our destiny. We are at the service of our members and users of our services. We are not responding to anything that could deflect us from our mission. 

Democracy is the participation and commitment of our members, our users, our staff, and our affiliated hostels. Members of the board of directors are elected at a general meeting open to all members. They execute their tasks as volunteers. Operations are managed by the staff who participates in the decision-making process. 

Primacy of the people over the economy determines the attitude to adopt when there is a conflict between operational decisions and members, users, volunteers and staff. 

Respect is the essential value of our association. It guarantees the primacy of the people, the greater social good, solidarity with other groups defending those who are weaker and more vulnerable, accessibility of leisure tourism, and our will to preserve a healthy environment for future generation. Respect is the foundation of the relationship between members, users of our services, volunteers, and our staff. 

Pride in working for young travellers in an association represented in more than 90 countries with more than 3.5 million members.

Solidarity with groups that defend the right of all to discover the world through travel is at the heart of our actions to create a strong force for travel accessibility and the discovery of cultures for the young.

Economic accessibility is allowing people to travel at home and abroad. With its pricing, our association makes travelling accessible for more people, especially the young, who aim to discover the world. This desire to make travel more accessible is at the origin of our association. 

Sustainable development is ingrained in our organization.  This attribute sustains the organization from generation to generation without individuals enriching themselves. This is why we have been at the service of young travelers for more than 80 years.  As long as youth travel, we will be available for them.

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