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The youth tourism market is the fastest growing travel market in the world, grossing over US$160 billion annually worldwide (WYSE 2007).

Youth travellers from around the world seek and stay with HI not only for affordable accommodations, but to gain valuable advice and information about travelling, both locally and worldwide.

Make our members your customers

Our over 45,000 members and 250,000 travellers, in Canada each year, know that we are committed to providing memorable and unique travel experiences for our guests with the most up-to-date travel information. They also know that their membership with HI gives them access to many useful travel-related companies and information, and also to over 4,000 discounts around the world.


Our visitors are very diverse, and range in age from young backpackers, to families with small children, to retirees and grandparents. Our members also have a strong desire to learn about the places they visit and they come to us seeking information on local culture and history, and environments in which they can create unique and memorable experiences.

Our members are:

1. YOUNG: 73% are between 18-34 years old

2. WELL-EDUCATED: 68% graduated from postsecondary education

3. HAVE MONEY TO SPEND: 51% earn between $25,000 and $74,999  


    • Accommodation (22%)
    • Transportation (22%)
    • Activities (20%)
    • Food/Restaurants (18%)
    • Gifts and Souvenirs (18%)


  • The leading youth hostel accommodations provider in the world
  • 45,000+ Canadian HI members 
  • Over 4 million international HI/ YHA members
  • Sixty hostels in Canada with over 650,000 overnight stays annually 
  • Over 1 million visitors on the national website, www.hihostels.ca 
  • Almost 11 million visitors on the international website, www.hihostels.com 
  • A member of the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF), the largest travel association in the world

HI is committed to helping travellers, both young and old, gain a greater understanding of peoples, places and cultures through hostelling.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact: webadvertising@hihostels.ca

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