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HI-Canada operates its web site under the following advertising guidelines, which comply with the HI-Canada's "Principles for Advertising and Sponsorship." Advertisers on the HI-Canada web site agree to abide by the following policies:

HI-Canada sells advertising space on its web site only when the inclusion of such advertising does not interfere with the mission, vision or values of HI-Canada, or the development or implementation of its strategic plan. 

 Advertising on the HI-Canada web site(s) represents HI-Canada's acknowledgement that the advertiser's activities, services or products are seen as being of interest or value to HI members and/or visitors. At the same time, HI-Canada does not guarantee the claims made within the advertisements about the advertisers' products, services or activities. 

The decision to sell advertising space is made independently of editorial content on the web site. Advertisers will not influence editorial decisions or web site content. 

HI-Canada retains sole discretion when deciding to approve or deny web site advertisements. This includes, but is not limited to, such factors as the advertisement's size, format, appearance, placement, and the length of time the advertisement will appear on the HI-Canada web site. HI-Canada reserves the right to not link to a site, or to remove links from other web sites. HI-Canada reserves the right at any time to remove any advertisement that was previously approved. 

 Web site visitors have the option to view, or not to view, each advertisement (i.e. to "click on", or not to "click on", the ad). Visitors will not be sent to a commercial site unless they choose to do so by "clicking on" the advertisement. Visitors will not be prevented from returning to the HI-Canada web site or to other previously viewed screens (Ex: the back-button will not be disabled by the advertiser), nor will the visitor be redirected to a site they did not intend to visit. 

Advertiser web sites will not frame the HI-Canada web site content without the express permission of HI-Canada. HI-Canada logos may not appear on the advertiser's web site without prior written approval. The advertiser may not refer to the fact that its ad has appeared on the HI-Canada web site in any collateral advertising - unless it has been agreed to by HI-Canada. 

 HI-Canada sells ad space only. HI-Canada will not guarantee that advertisers will experience any specific increase in web site traffic and/or sales, such as in click-through rates or number of visitors, or make any other such guarantees in regards to the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Principles for Advertising and Sponsorship

1. Advertisements Clearly Identified
HI-Canada believes that it is important for visitors to be able to distinguish between advertisements and offers from HI-Canada's consumer travel/hostelling information. For this reason, all advertisements and sponsorship acknowledgments are separated from our consumer hostelling information and clearly labelled with the word "Advertisement".

Information marked "Advertisement" may include advertisements and offers from third parties, as well as "in-house" advertisements that will link the visitor to consumer travel/hostelling information we wish to highlight.

2. Editorial Independence
HI-Canada maintains absolute editorial independence. HI-Canada may receive funding from third parties who pay for the right to advertise their companies and products on our site. This funding supports HI-Canada's efforts to develop comprehensive and credible consumer travel and hostelling information.

At times, third parties may pay for the right to sponsor certain areas of information on our site. HI-Canada agrees to develop information about a certain topic in return for this sponsorship. HI-Canada develops this information in accordance with our editorial policy and practices; and sponsors have no editorial input or influence on the information itself.

Advertisers and sponsors also have no influence over the order of the listing of responses to a search request on our site. We will not allow advertisers or sponsors to purchase priority listings in our search engine.

The appearance of third-party advertisements or sponsorship acknowledgements on HI-Canada website is not a guarantee by HI-Canada, but rather an acknowledgement that the third-party is of potential interest and value to our members and/or visitors.

3. Types of Advertisements Not Accepted
HI-Canada does not accept advertising that we know either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective and/or dangerous products. HI-Canada also does not accept advertising for tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, political candidates, religious activities, advertising simulating editorial content, advertising inconsistent with the programs and purposes of the organization, or advertising in conflict with organization-sponsored programs.

4. Sharing Aggregate User Information
HI-Canada may share aggregated anonymous statistical information regarding site usage and traffic patterns with our advertisers and sponsors. Information in these aggregated summary reports cannot be linked to individual visitors. Advertisers may not use any capturing of data or cookies while on the HI-Canada web site. However, once visitors leave the HI-Canada web site, by clicking on a third-party advertisement, HI-Canada can no longer protect users from such methods.

Advertisements are not targeted to visitors - advertisers and sponsors may target their messages to specific hostelling information categories within our site, but we do not use personal information about visitors to determine which advertisements they will see when they visit our site. Any information provided by visitors to the advertiser is not controlled by HI-Canada.

For questions or more details about the HI-Canada Web Advertising Policy, please contact info@hihostels.ca.

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