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KangarideIn April 2013, Kangaride and Hostelling International Canada became official partners. United by a common desire to encourage ridesharing and improve the services offered to their respective members, the two organizations now collaborate together at different levels.  

What is Kangaride?

Kangaride Rideshares is a private company that offers a multi-access rideshare service in Canada: its transactional website and its call-center open 365 days a year allow its members to book seats or offer rides for intercity trips. The company is distinguished by its ability to regulate ridesharing diligently and to collaborate with customers to constantly improve the quality of offers and safety of participants. This is reflected in particular by:

  • Overseeing and protecting members' privacy and identity;
  • Monitoring quality and following up on members' conduct;
  • Checking the validity of all drivers' licenses with the MTO and the SAAQ;
  • Raising members' awareness to the Terms of Service through several types of courtesy calls.

    What is the partnership between Hostelling International Canada and Kangaride?

    HI hostels in Québec and Ontario (with the exception of a few hostels) are now official points of sale of Kangaride products. The hostels offer HI members a 10% discount on the purchase of a ridesharing product. HI members can also obtain a free 6-month trial as a passenger. On the other hand, Kangaride ridesharers now have access to an increased amount of points of sale across the two provinces and with hopefully, more to come. To find out more, visit the Kangaride discount page.

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