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travelling has never been easier!

You are travelling on a budget. You want flexible departure times. Buses or trains might not go where you want to. You want to meet locals. If you tick one or all of these boxes the ridesharing service Kangaride is tailored for you!

How does it work?

Kangaride connects drivers and passengers. You can use the service in 4 easy steps.

1. Subscribe
You have to subscribe online as a passenger or as a driver. The service is safe for everybody: only passengers with valid contact info can use it, and every driving license is verified with the appropriate Ministry to make sure it's valid. Subscriptions are sold at the hostel, but the good news is that HI members can get a 6 month free subscription!

2. Look up for a departure
Drivers indicate their departure and arriving points as well as the price they're asking. This fee is payable to them directly. You can also check out the number of places available in the car, if there is room for big luggage, etc.

3. Book your ride
You can book the ride you want in a few clicks. A $5 booking fee is payable online to Kangaride either by credit card or with a pre-paid reservation card on sale at the hostel. Then, you will receive the details of the car so you can recognize it as well as the driver's contact info should you have any questions.

4. Travel
Show up at the meeting point, and let your adventure begin!

Subscriptions and pre-paid booking cards

Subscriptions and pre-paid bookings are on sale at HI-Montréal, HI-Québec, HI-Trois-Rivières and HI-Ottawa Jail. HI Members get 10% off on the purchase of pre-paid booking cards in our hostels.

HI members get 10% off and a 6 month free subscription!

Member rate:
6 month free subscription
Regular rate: $7.50 + tax

Member rate:
$6.75 + tax
Regular rate: $7.50 + tax

Member rate:
$4.50 + tax
Regular rate: $5.00 + tax

Member rate:
$18.00 + tax
Regular rate: $20.00 + tax


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