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We promote peace

 Working with UNESCO on educational initiatives and supporting the United Nations "decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence", Hostelling international Canada is active throughout its youth hostels to educate people and promote peace concepts. With the help of our five Regional associations and network of hostels, we strive to deliver our mission through key Educational Programs. These programs are:

  • Youth hostel internship Program with Belgium and Germany
  • World Heritage City Hostel Program (Québec City)
  • Peace and international understanding
  • Hostel Educational Programming Awards

    By providing affordable accommodation for all ages, we strive to make travel accessible for people of all nations, but especially young people of limited means.

    Our hostel network enables travellers from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to share stories, learn about one another and create lasting memories. This kind of enriching experience encourages personal growth and cultural understanding and awareness.

    Hostel Educational Program Awards

    One of the many ways to reach this goal is HI-C's Hostel Educational Programming Awards.  Our primary objective is to recognize and encourage exemplary programs and set new standards to which future nominees (hostels) may aspire. This is a great opportunity for managers, staff, as well as their hostel to be recognized for all the hard work and creative ideas that they've put into their programs over the years. The awards categories are the following:

    Best Environmental Program: This award is presented to the program which best exemplifies HI-Canada's environmental charter.

    Best Continuing Program: This award is presented to a program which has run at least four times during the year.

    Best Special Event Program: This award is presented to a program which ran from one to three times during the year.

    The awards are judged by the criteria as weighted below:

    • Environmentally educational 
    • Enjoyable / interesting / original 
    • Value to guest      
    • Culturally educational 
    • Program conducted by volunteers 
    • Peace and International Understanding



        2014 - HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach: Seawall Bike Tour 
        2013 - HI-Lake Louise Alpine Centre: Stoney Elders Traditional Knowledge Group
        2011 - HI-Mosquito Creek: New Canadians Introduction to Hostelling
        2010 - HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach: The Earth Easy Project 
        2009 - HI-Lake Louise Alpine Centre: Finding Fossils 
        2008 - HI-Vancouver Central: Bowen Island Tour 
        2007 - HI-Kananaskis: Interpretive guiding program 
        2006 - HI-Québec: Farmer's market 
        2005 - HI-Vancouver's: Horseshoe Bay Lighthouse Park Tour
        20014 - HI-Edith Cavell: Cavell Meadows The Trail Restoration Program



        2014 - HI-Vancouver Central : Brendan's Haunted Vancouver Tour 
        2011 - HI-Mont-Tremblant : Mountain Bike Excursions
        2010 - HI-Rivière-du-Loup : Discovery Package 
        2009 - HI-Ottawa : Birthday behind bars 
        2008 - HI - Montréal: Guided bike tour of Montréal with Chris
        2007 - HI - Ottawa: The Carleton County Gaol Heritage Centre 
        2006 - HI - Vancouver Central: Eric's Tour 
        2006 - HI - Jasper: Summer activity weekly Program 
        2005 - HI - Montréal: Food for thoughts 
        2004 - HI - Victoria : Colin's Nature Tours 
        2003 - HI - Montréal: Soupers communautaires et « cuisines du monde »




        2014 - HI - Vancouver Jericho Beach: Girl Guide sleepover event 
        2013 - HI - Vancouver Downtown: Discover Hostelling Challenge
        2011 - HI - Banff Alpine: Centre - School Lunch Program 
        2010 - HI - Québec: Mural projects
        2009 - HI - Vancouver Jericho Beach: Celebrating Canada Day 
        2008 - HI - Edmonton: The Inspire Travel Show 
        2007 - HI - Vancouver Central: Brackendale ? Winter Home of the Bald Eagles
        2006 - HI - Ottawa Jail Hostel: Spooky Sleepovers Program 
        2005 - HI - Shunda Creek: 5th Annual Nordegg Tri-Ice-A-Thon, February 25-27, 2005 
        2004 - HI - Niagara Falls: Full Moon party 
        2004 - HI - Banff: Ice Climbing Day

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