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HI-Canada aspires to impact people here and around the world toward greater awareness, compassion, and connection with each other, the earth, and its peoples. We believe that when members and travellers connect with each other in meaningful ways across cultures, belong to a global community with shared commitment, and have the tools necessary to take action, they can and will make a significant and sustainable difference in the world. We also feel an obligation to the moral owners of HI-Canada.

Therefore, the HI-Canada Partnership commits to:

a) Provide enriching travel experiences for all, especially the young, that go beyond tourism to changing lives.
     Indicators: Through their experience with us, travellers Have increased personal, social, cultural, and environmental awareness

  • Deepen their understanding and respect for diversity 
  • Gain a global perspective of environmental and social issues 
  • Take informed and responsible action in their home places and around the world 
  • Seek life-long learning about the diverse peoples and places 
  • Have access to a network of travellers and destinations through the IYHF

b) Facilitate access to national and international travel regardless of economic, social, age, or cultural differences. 


  • Geographically significant, safe, and financially accessible facilities 
  • Engaged programming in each location 
  • Life-long opportunities to expand on and apply learning 
  • Representative participation in programming and travel by age, cultural heritage, and social status 
  • Increased travel by those least able to afford it (reduced barriers/more opportunities)


c) Foster respect for Canada's unique identity, diverse cultural heritage, and environmental resources. 

  • Local action to address issues of environmental preservation and social justice 
  • Engagement between different recognized nations/groups within Canada 
  • Increased recognition of indigenous people and their cultures as essential contributors to Canada's heritage 
  • Hostel locations determined by cultural, geographic, or unique characteristics and not solely on self-sustaining revenue 
  • More diverse and representative composition of HI-Canada members 
  • Regional and national partnerships with schools, peoples, environmental groups, governments, and justice advocates


d) Inspire and empower travellers/members and associations to connect with and contribute to their chosen communities. 

  • Members feel connected to the hostel movement and its rich history 
  • Members are able to participate in what matters to them worldwide through volunteer involvement 
  • Canadian hostellers get involved and contribute to the places they have traveled (volunteering, organizing, and financially) 
  • Regions are more responsive and accountable to their moral owners and members 
  • Communication tools ensure personal connections and a global community of travellers are maintained 
  • HI-Canada provides leadership in the IYHF 
  • Other national associations share information and engage each other in key projects


e) Reflect a global view through programs, affiliations, and cultural exchanges between people and places.

  • Travel and cultural programs offered for all ages/groups 
  • Initiatives between people of different cultures and locations that increase understanding and respect for differences 
  • A growing sense of world citizenship and support for human rights, environmental protection, and conscientious policies 
  • HI-Canada provides ongoing financial and other support for the IYHF 
  • HI-Canada engages in the multicultural IYHF to learn about different perspectives, share best practices around the world, and support international efforts as possible


f) Contribute to and promote a strong and influential social economy. 

  • Financial resources are focused on a common/public good 
  • Continued use of democratic organizational structures and processes built on volunteer participation 
  • Increasing investment/donations because of dual social and financial bottom lines
  • Demonstration of results defined as positive and sustaining change in individual lives, communities, and the world 
  • Preservation of the value of the non-profit sector worldwide 
  • Recognition by different levels of government and partnerships with the public sector (e.g. grants and other partnership agreements) 
  • Being a chosen place for workforce experience, student learning, and lever for career advancement 
  • Adding value to the local community through shared use of physical and program assets and contributions to the success of other non-profit coalitions/organizations

 g) Live our values and vision. 

  • The HI-Canada national office, each region, and each local and affiliate hostel will strategically advance one or more of these vision elements
  • All partners commit to identify strategies and evaluation indicators that demonstrate accountability for selected results and to report progress locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Each partner commits to: 
    • Act responsibly in stewardship of its own resources 
    • Minimize the negative impact it has on the earth and its residents 
    • Engage in mutually accountable relationships with other people and entities 
    • Engage the ownership as volunteers in leadership, governance, hostelling operations and activities, and service to the community.
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