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Rudy Comeault

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Rudy Comeault (1940-2005) was kindly known as the "Jolly Frenchman" and was involved with the hostelling movement for over 30 years. He spent most of his hostelling career in the Manitoba region, and his passion for the movement as well as his work to develop strong, viable and efficient hostelling projects at home and abroad meant he was well respected as an individual and gained him the reputation as "A Champion of the Platform of Hostelling."

He was a member of the taskforce that created the single organization we know today as the Canadian Hostelling Association. Rudy was the first non-European to be voted onto the International Youth Hostelling Federation (IYHF) executive board of directors (1982-1992). He played a huge part in getting Canada to where it is today as a well respected leader within the IYHF. As well, he was instrumental in the development of the hostelling movement in Latin America. His dedication and hard work at all levels of the organization did not go unnoticed, and the positive impact Rudy had on the hostelling movement and the individuals he met along the way is the spirit of this award.

The Rudy Comeault award is presented in the two following categories:

A- To an individual (staff or volunteer) who has shown remarkable leadership within the Canadian association, both at the national and international levels.

B- To an individual (staff or volunteer, not necessarily to a Canadian) who has shown remarkable leadership to help the development of the youth hostel movement in Latin America.

The individual will have demonstrated through his or her actions the following statement of HI-C's Ends Policy.
The International Youth Hostelling Federation (IYHF) movement is stronger as a result of HI-C's participation and contribution.

As measured by the following criteria: 

  • Embodied Pertinent principals of interaction; 
  • Promoted Canada's interest on the international scene; 
  • Fostered bilateral cooperation; 
  • Achieved significant project(s); 
  • Enhanced HI-Canada's or Latin America's profile in the IYHF movement

A 200 word (minimum) description of the candidate and his or her activities should be sent to the HI-Canada office using the form which is included.

The candidate may be recommended by a regional association, the National Executive Board or the HI-C Awards Committee through consultation with the International Relations Standing Committee (IRSC) and IYHF.

The award recipient will get a plaque and a mention on the HI-C website.

At the jury's discretion this award may not be bestowed every year.


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    2011 Charles Legein - HI-Canada
    2009 Fernando Cruz - HI-Chile

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