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Ivy Devereux was on the hike when the first hostel, a tent at Bragg Creek, was pitched. She was a member of the Canadian International Youth Hostelling Committee organized to expand the movement, and traveled to British Columbia to help set up hostelling there. She was one of the signers of the original charter of the Canadian Youth Hostels Association in 1934.

The Ivy Devereux award is presented to 2 hostels; to one with overnights of 10,000 and over and one with overnights less than 10,000.

The following criteria must be met for the 12 month period ending at March 31. 

  • Improvements at the hostel in line with HI-C's Environmental Charter, 
  • Improving score of the National hostel inspection over the previous year and complying with the follow-up requirements of the annual inspection. 
  • Actively promote and sell the HI and HI-C membership card and discount program. 
  • Offers on a regular basis one or more programs related to IYHF's Peace & international Understanding activities or UNESCO's World Heritage Program. 
  • Received a guest rating on hihostels.com of at least 75% based on an annual average for the past 12 months. 

Actively promoting the HI-C branding strategy in their material and signage

A 200 word (minimum) description of the hostel relative to the criteria in the past calendar year, should be sent to the HI-Canada office using the form which is included.

The hostel may be recommended by the HI-Canada hostel inspectors and/or by the hostel's Regional Association.

All hostels in good standing in terms of administration requirements (stats, payments etc) are eligible for this Award.

The award recipient will get a plaque and a mention on HI-C's website. This Award shall be presented annually by the President of HI-Canada or his/her representative to the respective manager where possible.

At the Jury's discretion this award may not be bestowed every year.


+10,000 overnights

2014 - HI-Calgary City Centre
2013 - HI-Ottawa Jail (Québec-Ontario)
2012 - HI-Calgary City Centre (Pacific Mountain)
2011 - HI-Whistler (Pacific Mountain)
2010 - HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach (Pacific Mountain)
2009 - Auberge Internationale de Québec (St-Laurent)
2008 - HI-Edmonton (Northern Alberta)
2007 - HI-Toronto (St-Laurent)
2006 - HI-Banff Alpine Centre (Pacific Mountain)
2005 - Auberge de Québec (Tourisme Jeunesse)
2004 - Auberge de Montréal (Tourisme Jeunesse)
2003 - HI-Banff Alpine Centre (Southern Alberta)

2002 - Centre Int'l de Séjour de Québec (Tourisme Jeunesse)
2001 - Ottawa Hostel (Ontario East)
2000 - HI-Toronto (Great Lakes)
1999 - HI-Edmonton (Northern Alberta)
1998 - Vancouver Downtown (British Columbia)
1993 - Victoria Hostel (British Columbia)
1992 - Auberge de Montréal (Tourisme Jeunesse)
1990 - Turgeon Hostel (Saskatchewan)
1987 - Calgary Hostel (Southern Alberta)


-10,000 overnights

2014 - HI-Cape Cape Breton Island
2013 - HI-Cabot Trail (Atlantic)
2012 - HI-St. John's (Atlantic)
2011 - HI-Niagara Falls (St-Laurent
2010 - HI-Sept-Îles (St-Laurent)
2009 - HI-Rampart Creek (Pacific Mountain)
2008 - HI-Regina (Saskatchewan)
2007 - HI-Nanaimo (Pacific Mountain)
2006 - HI-Iles-de-la-Madeleine (Tourisme Jeunesse)
2005 - Beauty Creek Hostel (Northern Alberta)
2004 - Auberge de Rivière-du-Loup (Tourisme Jeunesse)
2003 - Le Chalet Beaumont (Tourisme Jeunesse)

2002 - Castle Mountain (Southern Alberta)
2001 - Tofino - Whalers on the Point (British Columbia)
2000 - HI-Nelson (British Columbia)
1999 - Shunda Creek Hostel (Northern Alberta)
1998 - Lake Louise (Southern Alberta)
1992 - Mosquito Creek Hostel (Southern Alberta)
1990 - Whiskey Jack Hostel (Southern Alberta)
1989 - Whiskey Jack Hostel (Southern Alberta)

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