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Chuck and Marjorie Harris

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Charles Harris was employed as the Executive Secretary for the Great Lakes Region from 1948 to 1964. From 1950 onwards, he also served as the volunteer Executive Secretary for Canada. He was a risk-taker with vision, hope, ideals and goals. Charles Harris found the people, funds, equipment and buildings to move the organisation to a higher level of development right across the country.

Marjorie was active in the hostelling movement since the age of 20. Marjorie took over the role of Office Secretary of the local office in 1967. She also established the Nicholas Street hostel with the help of the community and hostel members in 1973, she was involved as the Executive Secretary until 1974.

This group award goes to volunteers and /or employees who have made an exceptional contribution to the development or improvement of the HI-Canada partnership.

The following criteria must be met: furthering the implementation of HI-C's Branding Strategy; 

  • the IYHF Philosophy of Peace and International Understanding, World Heritage and our Environmental Charter;
  • Strategic Alliances Nationally or Internationally; 
  • Implementation of HI-C's Membership Strategy; 
  • The project or activity should make a qualitative or quantitative contribution beyond any one region;
  • The project or activity should be innovative; 
  • A project or activity can be submitted for this award up to three years after it took place.

A 200 word (minimum) description of the initiative should be sent to the HI-Canada office using the form which is included.

The project or activity may be recommended by a regional association, by the National Executive Board or by the HI-Canada Awards Committee.

The award recipient will get a plaque and a mention on the HI-C website. This award shall be presented annually by the President of HI-Canada or his/her representative.

At the jury's discretion, this award may not be bestowed every year.


             2014 - Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA) ad-hoc Committee 
             2012 - Sustainable Difference (SDC) ad-hoc Committee 
             2011 - Revision of National By-laws Ad-Hoc Committee 
                        Chair: Larry Derkach 
             2010 - Ends Measurement Ad Hoc Committee 
             2009 - Quality Assurance Strategy Work Group 
             2008 - "Gherkin" HI-C Banff House Band: 
                            Ryan Mazur, Tyler Klausen, Erik Rayman, Ken Campbell 
             2007 - Internet Work Group 
                        Chair: Shelbey Sy (PM) 
             2006 - Tourisme Jeunesse et Les Auberges de jeunesse du St-Laurent 
             2005 - HOTWG
                         Chair : Sarah Markwick (PM) 
             2004 - QASWG 
                         Chair:Robb Cryder, Christine Mayer, Vincent Bérubé, Shane Pizzariello, Audrey Duchesne 
             2003 - Program & Retention Committee: 
                           Barb McTavish (SA), Atul Gadhia (BC) 
             2002 - HI-BC-Volunteer Program/Programme des bénévoles 
             2001 - New membership product:
                           Claude Coudé (TJ), Greg Brockmann (HI-C), Shelby Sy (BC), Tracy Jordan (GL), Charlène Baron (TJ) 
             2000 - Judy Bethel (Northern Alberta) 
             1999 - Barb van Doorn (HI-Canada) 
             1999 - Sylvianne L'Allier (HI-Canada) 
             1993 - Lianne Gusway (Saskatchewan) 
             1992 - Darlene Corcoran (HI-Canada) 
             1991 - Pierre Schierle 
             1990 - Robert McLean 
             1989 - David Brandret

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