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Catherine and Mary Barclay

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In 1933, Catherine and Mary Barclay, together with their families and friends, opened Canada's first hostel in a tent at Bragg Creek, Alberta. From then on, the two women began dreaming about a network of hostels which would allow outdoor adventurers to hike from one location to the next. The Canadian hostelling movement owes its existence to the vision and leadership of Catherine and Mary Barclay.

The Catherine and Mary Barclay Award is presented to a volunteer who has shown remarkable leadership within the association, both at the regional and national levels.

This volunteer will have demonstrated through his or her actions, the following Principles of Interaction that have been adopted by Hostelling International-Canada: 

  • Work together to promote the unity of the partnership; 
  • Promote constructive relationships with each other; 
  • Take the initiative to make things better; 
  • Lead by example;
  • Work together on the basis of our values, consultation and cooperation.

Additionally, a special focus will be put by the Jury on branding, strategic alliances, membership strategy, world heritage, environmental charter, as well as peace and international understanding.

A 200 word (minimum) description of the candidate and his or her activities, should be sent to the HI-Canada office using the form which is included. The candidate may be recommended by their regional association, the National Executive Board or the HI-Canada.

The award recipient will get a plaque and a mention on the HI-C website. This award shall be presented annually by the President of HI-Canada or his/her representative.

At the jury's discretion, this award may not be bestowed every year.


2014 - Brian Kelly, Larry Derkach
2013 - Kerry Cibart
2012 - Brent Czarnecki
2011 - François Vidal (Québec)
2010 - Alastair Campbell, Gérard Blais, James A. Graham
2009 - Dianne Powell (Maritimes)
2008 - Jeff Leung (Pacific Mountain)
2008 - Ed Hemmings (NEB)
2007 - Pierre D. Tremblay (Auberge de Québec)
2006 - Charles Legein (Pacific Mountain)
2005 - Dick James (Nova Scotia)
2004 - André Jérôme (NEB)
2003 - Douglas Cramer (NEB)
2001 - Charles Legein (British Columbia)
2000 - Murray Ballantine (Ontario East)
1999 - Mary Howells (British Columbia)
1998 - Al Johnston (Prince Edward Island)
1992 - Neil Worley
1992 - Boyde White (Prince Edward Island)
1992 - Bruce Maclock
1990 - Peter Watts
1990 - Mike Nicholson
1987 - Marjorie Harris
1987- Rudy Comeault


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